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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Life is not a drama


It's been awhile since last time I update this blog. I was too lazy to write anything. Kah!
Tough job, tough life. Life is getting better after you started to accept certain things in your life.

There is so much things change just in a blink of eyes. Well, you can say that life is too normal if nothing happened in your life. trust me, everything happened for a reason.

Maybe now you can't see it, maybe later. Who knows?

Being an engineer is not as easy as you thought. Its not like what you see in drama hahaha, a lot of money, rich, big house, big car... Reality is you need to work hard to earn more money. You can say that you need to do two jobs or maybe more to get more money? Pity but reality, YES!

Reality hit. Ouch!

Say Hi to my nephew and niece!

Life getting better hah?

Rasa nak picit sorg2 budak2 ni. Oh Gosh! Cute to the limit!



Thursday, July 03, 2014

Oh my past

When I take a look previous post. Oh,dude... Its so boring. And I realized that there is no pic of me and my ex. Well, its good one rite?

There is one post when I read it back make me smile like crazy. Oh I missed that moment. Which is you care about me. You keep telling me that you love me.

Well, past is past. I can rewind it back, so the best solution is move on. I move on and doing my best for my future.

Admit that I can't except anyone else yet. The hurt is break, but its also heals. Yeah, I guess so. I'll say it completely heals after I can accept someone else in my life.

The good things is I can accept the fact that you is happy with/without someone else. Who knows? Right?

Monday, June 02, 2014

My First Car

My first car!

Actually it's too expensive for me hahahaha cause I just started my career and I bought an expensive car.

After all, there is a reason why I bought that car. The true is I'm falling in love with my first car. Can you imagine? Falling in love with a car. CAR oke. Bukan benda hidup tu haha

Well, I love to drive my car. Smooth. Nice. Comfortable and the tech is awesome. Huhuhu.....

For those who want to buy your first car. I recommend you guys not to buy expensive car like me. (T_T) definitely you will become like me.

Every month, first think that I'll pay is my car and ptptn. Then, I'm crying so loud out. This is killing me. Waaaaaaaaa......

And then, you need to keep the money for his maintenance and blablabla... Fortunately, my car's service is free for 3 years which means I'm saving almost 1500++ for 3 years. Wuhuuuuu....
Better la than nothing kan hahahahahaha

I'm satisfied with my first car. Cause I love travelling and yeah, hanya mampu travel dalam malaysia je and semenanjung malaysia je. InsyaAllah next maybe somewhere that I really want to go. Amin.

Plus, my hometown kan dekat perlis so okelah tu nak travel dengan that car. And I love to drive by myself wherever I want to go. For example, last week my mom comes to my sis's house so after office hour I decided to go there and just shot pegi je hahahahaha like that la. Unpredictable is me so langgar jela nak pegi mana pun.

Muahahahahahahaha so what's my first car?


Okey (T_T) actually dah terbuang gambar buah hati sendiri. Uhuk

So my first car is SUPRIMA S!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA yeah kereta buatan malaysia and it's expensive and everyone bising why this and why that and I was like... I'm the one who pay for this car... Hurrrrrrr

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hypoycemia and Insomnia

Ntah lah. Tak tau apa nak jadi dengan aku.... Insomnia lah, selamatlah sekarang dah okey dah. Rupenya ada lak hypoglycemia.

Tak penat ke asek sakit je? Dah kalau Allah yang bagi sebagai ujian, kenapa kau nak persoalkan?

Blurred vision
And soon

Memang pun cepat penat sekarang ni. Shaking menjadi jadi. Anxiety jgn ckp lah. Mengaku gak lah memang jarang minum air manis. Mslhnya aku mkn je gak coklat and gula2. Tp wowwww cadbury ak mmg xmkn. Ke betul ke idok ejaan ak pn xsure hahahaha....

Since da keje, oh tak, since da single ak mmg dgn seriusnya berdiet and kalau blh xnk snth mknn manis sgt tp ni lak yg jd. Pdhl pnh je sblm ni pengsan sbb apa xtau hahaha xg check pn.

Since keje pn mmg jrg la mnum air manis, minum susu tu selalu gak la. Air bliss pn manis apa. Xfhm betul lah aku. Tapi yg pastinya ak lbh minum air masak ja. And kalau da terasa badan da penat sangat baru p cari ayaq manis. Yg mmg manis teruih oooo gluppp sekaligus nk kasi okey cepat muahahahahaha....

Tapi jagalah kesihatan diri. Amk supplement sume. Kau da keje penat2 kot ummu. Please lah!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My job. My career.

Sometimes I feels like wanna shoot myself with gun. Omo.... Actually, it's easy for me to forgive, but not to forget. I still can't let him go. How lah?

Dush3.... Bdw, I didn't update a lot about my job and didn't share it with anyone. Cause why? I still under probation period, that 's why lah hahahhhaha....

My first career as engineer is good, not bad lah. Starting as engineer III, the salary is good and environment here hmmmm bolehlah~~~~

What do you expect me to be when I need to work with a guys around me? Hahahaha don't get angry with me when sometimes I act like a guy or the way I talk is like 'hoi, cri gaduh ka?'

Don't blame me but blame them (>_<") I need to defend myself sometimes when everyone around me keeps on pushing me and blablablabla.....

I want to share my experience about my first car but maybe in next post. One minute left before the bell ring and need to attend morning meeting.

See you guys later. Bai.

Friday, May 09, 2014


How much I wish......I can turn back time and change everything. But it is so impossible. Allah has a better plan for me.
Somehow I learn how to be strong after you being rejected.
Somehow I learn how to say nicely to someone who like me. I'm sorry for not being able to love you back. It's just that I become too defensive after what happened. And I don't want you to feel the same way like I feel.
Somehow I manage to say this two words whenever I want to cry and whenever I miss someone, 'I'm okey.'
Somehow I learn how to stay strong when I miss someone so badly. And all those memories keep playing in my eyes.
What can I say, you give so much impact on me. And I still learn how to move on. How to accept other guy in my life. I won't accept a guy that will reminds me about you, that's totally not fair for that guy.
Somehow, deep in my heart, I wish you know how much you mean to my world. But somehow, you did not see it.
Another half of me....suddenly gone. Someone take it away from me. And I'm searching it back. I asked Allah to give me a strength to face it. And I'll waiting for my other half.
After all, I'm feel sorry for you cause I can't love you back. How much I wish I can turn back time and stay with him and not hurting you like now.
You're a good guy, and you can find someone who deserve you better.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekendddddd dude

Pagi2 mak kol...part bestnya terdengar mak cakap

Mom: Kokmu keje kot. Tu yg xangkt tu. (Ni mmg mak tak perasan ak dah angkat fon)
Me: Hello mak. (Suara mamai serak basah habislah)
Mom: Ya Allah, tido ka? Anak dara apa ni xbangun lagi. Semalam hbs dinner kul bape?
Me: 10 mak.


Mak xtau anak dia gi tgk wayang dengan ofismate semalam smpai kul 2 lebih (>_<) ampun mak.

After dat bangun on fon celcom and full with miscall. Aiyakkk.... My both fon full with miscall from mom n angah. Always like dat. And I love it.

Ouch sakit kepala. Can I cont tido? Its weekend and tak ot ari ni. And beb, its weekend. Means take a rest.

Nak keluar tapi dah rasa bosan dengan shopping mall dkt kl. Coz not my style nk havoc dkt sini. Much better pegi tmpt biasa2 and shopping. Hati lebih tenang and save more money.

Hey, zaman sekarang ni gaji 2500-2700 for fresh gtaduate belum tentu cukup tau. So saving selagi boleh.

Make a list, which one you need and which one yg korg rasa hati korg je yg perlu. Jgn ikt perasaan nnti binasa.

Pesanan ikhlas dari yang belajar selok belok pengurusan kewangan dari ofismate. Sekian.

Engineer pn kedekut. Korang tau x?