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Thursday, June 07, 2012

:: Fakta Kehidupan ::


Agak agak kalau kau sakit,
Jangan mengadu dengan manusia,
Dia orang takkan faham,
Hanya akan menimbulkan persoalan sahaja,
Tak perlu belas kasihan manusia,
Tak perlu nak ikut sangat manusia,

Kalau ada masalah,
Jangan cerita dengan manusia,
Dia orang hanya akan buat tak tau bila mendengar,
Dia orang akan mempersoalkan lagi apa terjadi sebenarnya,
Simpan dalam hati dan mengadu pada Allah.

Dear Ummu,
Please take a note. No need to go when someone ask u to go out. Simply say, its oke, i have work to do. Rather than they asked u a question that will make u felt like, uhhh like oke. 
Its just, when i talk to my bf about everything, he didn't give a response. Oh yeah, boring.... Same problem and same illness. Yeah of coz he ignore it. Always in sick. Did i want it? NO. I dun wan it too. NO, I dun wan it.
So, just keep it. And pretend that u're oke. No, I just want to protect myself from being hurt by people around me. I keep saying sori n sori n sori just for a simple mistake i do. But they just say it to me once. ONCE...
Forgive other people is a good one. But i keep hurting myself. Sometimes, I may forgive what they have done to me, but I'm sori, I'll never can forget it. I keep it, so I can learn from it. I just want to protect myself when nobody try to protect me from being hurting by them. Dun u know it?
I believe you, yes I did.... But I'm sorry, I'll never say anything to you since you never want to listen to me. Yes, negative thinking. And that is me. Real me. If u cant accept me then leave me. 
I accept all about u, no matter how bad I know about u. But past is past. I still accept you coz who are you. People can change. 
I am sorry. But for me to tell anyone of you about what i feel, its too difficult since u guys always compare it with ur story. Then, its much better if i let it out to Allah. Im not getting hurt but HE will make me feel much better.

I am sorry...... Its too hurt