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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

:: Someone.... Dear someone ::

Make a promise to me,
To keep stay beside me,
To keep loving me,

Someone asked me,
To give my trust to him,
To give my love,

I'm giving you my love,
I'm giving you my trust,

Dear someone,
You promise with me,
You will always say 'I Love You',
You will always be here whenever i need you,
You will never leave me alone no matter what happened.

Dear someone,
It hurts me,
When you forgot all those promise you make,
I kept asking myself,
A mistake that I have done to you,

Dear someone,
I miss the moment when you keep saying 'I miss you',
I miss the moment when you always said, 'I Love You',
I miss the moment when you take my picture,
I miss the moment when you looked into my eyes and smile to me,
I miss all those moments that I can never describe it.

Dear someone,
Things change, same goes to people,
I kept pray to Allah,
To give me strange to keep loving you,
I pray to Allah,
If we are not meant to be,
Then let me learn how to forget you,
and how to let go everything about you in my mind.

Dear someone,
When you meet your real 'Hawa',
Take care of her,
Keep loving her no matter what happened,
Keep saying you love her,
Marriage is not for awhile,
You will married with someone for a long time,
Make it until Jannah,
InsyaAllah...If we are not meant to be,
I pray the best for you,
Maybe I'm not the best person for you,
For you to keep loving me,

Dear someone,
I just want you to know,
I love you,
I never getting bored to keep loving you,
I accept everything about you,
Your weakness,

Dear someone,
For how long I need to stay here,
Waiting for you,
But I'll be always here for you,
No matter what happened,
I believed it,
Allah will help me,
Heal everything by time.