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Sunday, April 21, 2013

:: Fact about life ::



situasi atau keadaan skrg? Berada di lab dan sedang berusaha siapkan fyp. Dalam masa yang sama rasa macam stress benda lain. Korg penah rasa tak?

Knowing them for almost 4 years and I never expect they would treat me like this. I wonder why and I kept asking y y and y... Some of them will come to you when they needs something. You can obviously see that, and when they dun need anything, they may leave you like dat. And I become a clown who just pretend to smile but exactly I'm not. 

Each of us have our own character. I'm a little bit quite person. I used to keep everything about my feeling alone without telling anybody but someone teach me to let it out. When I used to it, he's getting far far away from even we're close together. 

After all, I decided to keep everything by myself. People would come when there is something that they want, they will go away whenever they want. That's the fact. Reality of life.

You guys teach me a lot of things that I will never learn from somewhere else. I will never take a revenge on it. Everybody deserve to get what they want but not everybody can get what they want. Then, I keep myself away and try my best not to say anything. 

Have you ever thinks that maybe the life that we have is not the same? 
Tunding jari and ask yourself, do you manage to get any help from anyone in easiest way? Yes you are. Everyone around you care about you but have you ever think that someone else needs a help but in the end, they end up to do it by themselves. Have you ever thanks to Allah? 

I keep thinking why everyone can't see it including you? Whenever you needs help, they'll always there for you. 

Sometimes I feel alone, when that times come, I kept reminds myself, Allah always there for you. People will never last, someday, they'll leave you alone. 
Sometimes I feel down, when that times come, my mind automatic think about my late dad, and I will started to cry and said subhanallah...subhanallah...subhanallah... He's passed away almost 3 years ago. He'll never come back again.

People can make up a story about me. People can treat me like the way they want. I'll forgive them, but I'll never forget it. Saying that I'm okey is such a big liar that i have ever tell them. 

I learned a lot about life here. And still the learning process will continue after this. Especially in working area. A lot of people with different attitude.

Just say Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for giving me experience about life. 

Someone that I used too called best friend in the end make a huge hole between us. Maybe that friend found someone that can bring her back to the way of Islam but I'm not. A friend that I used too called my back when we have some complicated situation actually saying something that I never imagine. When other people still accept you by the way you are just say thank you Allah. But yet, you still complained about others. 

Jangan bermuka-muka. Maybe I become like this because of something that happened in my life. You guys have a difference life compare than mine. When you lost someone, you will know it. Plus that person is far away from you and you know dat you will never have a chance to take a look or to kiss forehead for the last time. Then never simply say, 'jangan nangis, org da pergi takkan kembali'.. 
YES...That's true. But just once experience it and come to me and share about your feeling. If you can endure it and accept without any feeling then you are not human.

Liar behind the glass. Stop pretending. I'm tired to keep saying I'm oke while exactly I'm not oke with it. Watch out your attitude and compare with others then you will know that they still treat you oke even you kept hurting them.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

:: Teringatkan blog ini yang comel::



Ahaiii da lama tak update blog. Busy tu sangat2lah busy, next time, da keje da ada family kne pandai uruskan masa. Pengurusan masa itu sangatlah penting. Seperti apa yg terjadi sekarang ini. 

Alahai, tak bawak kabel tuk transfer gmbr. Berada ni workstation and sedang berusaha tuk siapkan circuit.

What can I say? Wish me luck..