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Saturday, April 05, 2014


In my dreams, I saw us. Both of us happy together. You fights for us. Just in my dreams. You try to put all effort just to be with me. Just in my dreams. And now I love to sleep, just to meet you in my dreams.

No more insomnia. No more afraid to sleep at night cause afraid of losing you even in my dreams.

Someone try to make me happy and he did it. Somehow, deep in my heart, I still miss you, miss our moments. And Allah knows everything, He knows what the best for us.

I keep myself busy with all those work. When night comes, I fall to sleep too early.

Once in my life, I lose my dad. And I still alive and cont my life for my mom and my siblings. When I lose you, I reminds myself, I still have my mom, my siblings and my friends. Allah never leave me. He always with me whenever I lose hope. Give me the strength and guide me back to the right paths.

In my dreams, you didn't leave me but you comes back to me.

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