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Saturday, April 12, 2014

For my future bakal imam/soulmate/l

Dear bakal imam,

I dunno where you are now. But for sure one day, kita akan berjumpa juga. Cuma masanya belum tiba. I really hope awak tak muncul dalam masa terdekat ini. Coz I might hurts you wit my words and attitude. And I might run away from you and never let you come near to me.

Dear bakal imam,

I'm in the middle of recover stage. Someone hurts me so bad. And its take times to heal. Plus, I needs to repair my relationship with my Creator first.

Dear bakal imam,

My words right now could make you feels like I'm a bad girl. Coz I totally hate a guy who make promise and then breaks it. So mybe I dont believe any single words that you say to me.

One day, you will know dat I'm not dat type of girl who love to go out with a strangers or easily go out with any guys.

Dear bakal imam,

I believe in faith. InsyaAllah, one day I will find you and you will open my heart again and make me believe dat loving someone doesnt means dat I'll getting hurt.

Or maybe right now I already hurts you wit my attitude, I'm sorry. I hope you will understand that I needs time for myself. For me to understand that not all guys will break his promises.

Allah knows when the best time for you to come into my life. By that time, I hope that cinta awak pada Allah melebihi cinta awak pada saya. Dan awak menyayangi saya kerana Allah. InsyaAllah.

Dear bakal imam,

Terima saya seadanya dan saya terima awak seadanya. Dan perbaiki diri bersama. Wherever you are now, I'm waiting for you. Waiting for right time for you to come into my life.

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