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Monday, May 19, 2014

My job. My career.

Sometimes I feels like wanna shoot myself with gun. Omo.... Actually, it's easy for me to forgive, but not to forget. I still can't let him go. How lah?

Dush3.... Bdw, I didn't update a lot about my job and didn't share it with anyone. Cause why? I still under probation period, that 's why lah hahahhhaha....

My first career as engineer is good, not bad lah. Starting as engineer III, the salary is good and environment here hmmmm bolehlah~~~~

What do you expect me to be when I need to work with a guys around me? Hahahaha don't get angry with me when sometimes I act like a guy or the way I talk is like 'hoi, cri gaduh ka?'

Don't blame me but blame them (>_<") I need to defend myself sometimes when everyone around me keeps on pushing me and blablablabla.....

I want to share my experience about my first car but maybe in next post. One minute left before the bell ring and need to attend morning meeting.

See you guys later. Bai.

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