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Monday, June 02, 2014

My First Car

My first car!

Actually it's too expensive for me hahahaha cause I just started my career and I bought an expensive car.

After all, there is a reason why I bought that car. The true is I'm falling in love with my first car. Can you imagine? Falling in love with a car. CAR oke. Bukan benda hidup tu haha

Well, I love to drive my car. Smooth. Nice. Comfortable and the tech is awesome. Huhuhu.....

For those who want to buy your first car. I recommend you guys not to buy expensive car like me. (T_T) definitely you will become like me.

Every month, first think that I'll pay is my car and ptptn. Then, I'm crying so loud out. This is killing me. Waaaaaaaaa......

And then, you need to keep the money for his maintenance and blablabla... Fortunately, my car's service is free for 3 years which means I'm saving almost 1500++ for 3 years. Wuhuuuuu....
Better la than nothing kan hahahahahaha

I'm satisfied with my first car. Cause I love travelling and yeah, hanya mampu travel dalam malaysia je and semenanjung malaysia je. InsyaAllah next maybe somewhere that I really want to go. Amin.

Plus, my hometown kan dekat perlis so okelah tu nak travel dengan that car. And I love to drive by myself wherever I want to go. For example, last week my mom comes to my sis's house so after office hour I decided to go there and just shot pegi je hahahahaha like that la. Unpredictable is me so langgar jela nak pegi mana pun.

Muahahahahahahaha so what's my first car?


Okey (T_T) actually dah terbuang gambar buah hati sendiri. Uhuk

So my first car is SUPRIMA S!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA yeah kereta buatan malaysia and it's expensive and everyone bising why this and why that and I was like... I'm the one who pay for this car... Hurrrrrrr

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