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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Life is not a drama


It's been awhile since last time I update this blog. I was too lazy to write anything. Kah!
Tough job, tough life. Life is getting better after you started to accept certain things in your life.

There is so much things change just in a blink of eyes. Well, you can say that life is too normal if nothing happened in your life. trust me, everything happened for a reason.

Maybe now you can't see it, maybe later. Who knows?

Being an engineer is not as easy as you thought. Its not like what you see in drama hahaha, a lot of money, rich, big house, big car... Reality is you need to work hard to earn more money. You can say that you need to do two jobs or maybe more to get more money? Pity but reality, YES!

Reality hit. Ouch!

Say Hi to my nephew and niece!

Life getting better hah?

Rasa nak picit sorg2 budak2 ni. Oh Gosh! Cute to the limit!



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